EBRGH offers companion services that consist of one to one or small groups that do not exceed three recipients. This service provides non-medical care, supervision, and socialization activities out in the community. The service is provided in direct relation to the achievement of the recipient’s goals per his/her support plan. A companion provider may also assist the recipient with such tasks as self-care needs, meal preparation, laundry and shopping. The service provides access to community-based activities that cannot be provided by natural or other unpaid supports, and are defined as activities most likely to result in increased ability to access community resources without paid support. Examples of companion activities are volunteer activities performed by the recipient as a pre-work activity; going to the library, getting a library card, learning how to use the library and checking out books or videos for personal use; shopping for groceries; going to the movies and lunch; or going to an animal shelter to learn about animals, and volunteering or assisting at the animal shelter.